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I am the Momma of 8 children. Seven here on earth and 1 precious little Angel in Heaven. My children range in age from 2 months to 25 years. My 6 year old was born with a laundry list of complex medical conditions. He has Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), a rare brain malformation, which resulted from a mutation of the PAX-6 gene, bilateral anophthalmia, which means that he was born without any eyes, so he is totally blind. At the age of 2 1/2 months old he had to have a tracheostomy to help aid in his breathing. He is hearing impaired, with normal hearing in his left ear and has profound deafness in his right. At 3 1/2 years he had surgery to have a Mic-Key button placed in his stomach (feeding Tube), which is mainly used to give him his medications. He also has insulin dependant diabetes and wears an insulin pump, which gives him a continuous dose of insulin. Even with his many dis"abilities," including being globally developmentally delayed, he has accomplished more than anyone would have ever believed that he could. Join us in our journey living with a Dis"Abled" child....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit with Doc

I had my OB interview today with a nurse and a visit with an OB (Dr. Chalk) to go over my blood glucose levels. I have gained 1lb already. Yikes! I'm about 7.6 weeks along. I have a pregnancy dating ultrasound scheduled for Jan. 18th. With the Holidays and Floyd being out of town this was the earliest that I could get in. Without the ultrasound the OB estimates that my due date is Aug. 4th. According to my calculations going by when I ovulated, I say my due date is closer to Aug 12th. The Doc kept my insulin dose the same, 20u of Humilin N along with 10u of Humilin R in the morning and 7u of each N&R in the evening. We also discussed the 1st trimester blood testing. I agreed to the tests, only because IF something should be wrong it will give us and the Docs even more info to work with to help p0lan in the treatment and care of the baby. My next OB visit is scheduled for Jan 28th. At this time a full pelvic exam will be preformed. Yuck!

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